LLC TehnoGorod was founded in 2002 and is the owner of the eponymous data center in Moscow. The main activity of our company is the construction and operation of data processing centers in Moscow and Moscow region.

On an area of more than 1500 square meters a technological platform is located that hosts equipment of various companies, including MTS, MegaFon, Beeline, Yandex and many others. Apart from the successful experiences in attracting of commercial companies LLC TehnoGorod provides its technical resources to social projects, such as the colocation of dispatching services for emergency aid to persons with hearing disabilities, organized by order of the Government of Moscow represented by the Social Security Department.

  • Infrastructure
  • Power supply input
  • Climate systems / air conditioning
  • Fire safety
  • Monitoring
  • Communication channels and high bit rate access
  • For clients

Engineering infrastructure of the data processing center conforms to requirements of Tier 3 (Tier III) according to the classification of the Institute of Uninterruptable Processes (Uptime Institute), the most authoritative independent consulting organization.

The guaranteed equipment power supply (according to Rules for installing electrical facilities /ПУЭ – 1/ special category) is carried out from two independent inputs of power supply of different power substations and from two autonomous diesel power plants (ADPP) of FG Wilson and Doosan of production of Great Britain and South Korea. All sources of the electric power are fed to automatic transfer switch (ATS) which is carrying out automatic switching of feeders at loss of power supply on a main/reserve feeder. Parameters of power lines, ADPP and ATS allow to provide with power supply the equipment and subsystems of data center on the basis of power consumption of up to 1000 kW (1 MW) in total. Power supply of the equipment and systems of data center via the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) of the following producers is provided: APC, General Electric, Liebert, Powerware, Eaton. Power, configuration and time of autonomous work from the UPS is provided taking into account requirements, and also taking into account necessary time for changeover to reserve lines, ADPP and back.


Industrial air conditioning and ventilation system provides the following climatic conditions:

  • air temperature indoors: 18-24°C;
  • permissible temperature deviation:: +/- 2°C;
  • relative air humidity: 40-50%;
deturgescence accuracy: +/- 1%.

The air conditioning system is made subject to its backup and remote monitoring. In the system used solutions from the world leaders in this industry: Emerson Network Power Liebert Hiross, Uniflair, Weiss Klimatechnik GmbH. Designed cooling architecture allows to install the high load equipment racks with capacity of up to 8 kW.


Automatic gas extinguishing installations are available in each server room, irrespective of a building fire extinguishing system. Starting the installation is made from the sensors for early fire detection, reacting to the appearance of smoke, as well as from manual detectors located at the exit from the premises. There are autonomous systems of gas and smoke removal; fire suppression systems work on the basis of NOVEC gas and freon.


Monitoring system in real time remotely controls such important parameters as temperature and humidity of air in hot and cold corridors, operating modes of precision conditioners, and also monitoring of parameters of system of power supply and uninterruptible power supplies is made.

For ensuring high-speed redundant connection with national and international telecommunication infrastructure, independent communication channels of the largest operators with bandwidth of over 100 Gbps are brought to the data center.


Thus, the equipment and data of customers of the TehnoGorod data processing center are protected by systems of uninterrupted power supply, reserve power supply on the basis of diesel-generator installations with autonomous work not less than 8 hours, precision conditioning, physical protection, automatic fire extinguishing, CCTV and access control.

The engineering infrastructure is designed in such a way that any its component can be removed for routine maintenance without interruption of the main technological process. Planned character and regularity of maintenance is the key to operational stability of the data center.


LLC TehnoGorod is a part of telecommunication group of companies CountryCom providing telecommunication services of widely differing range: from traditional telephony to complex integrated telecommunication solutions.

The main service of our data center is the provision of serviced technological space designed to accommodate equipment for processing, storage and transmission of data, with the set-up and precisely supported parameters of microclimate, power supply, technical and public safety — Colocation (services of equipment accommodation).

To date, in infrastructure of the data processing center the most advanced systems, including systems of temperature and humidity conditions maintenance, fire protection systems on the basis of NOVEC gas, safe for people, remote management, monitoring and video surveillance systems are used.

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